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My work is about moments of Truth. Truth Is Strangest.

All of my photos are shot on manual Automatic, no tricks, straight recordings. I don’t impose my will on a moment, I just record it - no compensations, no flash. Most are uncropped. All I do is, incrementally, twitch exposures and saturations, working within what is already there. If you think the photos look surreal, it is alchemy. Those that are part color, part black and white were shot that way. I add nothing to them, take nothing away.

I feel photo descriptions, with few exceptions, are pretentious, and should be besides the point. The image, like a psychotropic drug, should stimulate the viewers’ own description.

*   *   *

I am a member of FOOLISH PEOPLE ( Executive Producer of our first, forthcoming film STRANGE FACTORIES  and author of THE SPARKY SHOW (Metaphysics & Mechanics In The Nude, With Sex And Drugs).

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